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The Gerald Peter Project

Saturday, January 26, 2019 — 12:00 am to 12:40 am PST

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Gerald Peter
Endorsed By:
ROLI, moForte GeoShred

The Gerald Peter Project

Vienna, Austria

Friday, January 25th at Midnight: 

Gerald Peter, born in Vienna, Austria in 1986, a passionate keyboardist, seaboard player, producer, composer and technology enthusiast. He was on tour with Cirque du Soleil – VOLTA in 2017 as a show band musician and was a former ROLI seaboard specialist. He has also previously released two albums with his bands Circle of Illusion and Inspirational Corner. His latest project 'Incremental Changes - Part One' where he performs together with drum virtuoso Aaron Thier, is the first of a trilogy where he combines all his passions, not only showcasing his ability to compose, produce and perform music on all of his instruments, but creating the video and coding MIDI reactive visuals that respond to all the notes being played.