Performance Info


Friday, January 25, 2019 — 8:00 pm to 8:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Vocals, Guitar
lance Guimond
Jordan Barbee
Dominic Thorpe
synth/ percussion
christi Bader
Bass/ Vocals
Jared Woosley
Endorsed By:
Orange, KORG, Crush Drums, Ludwig, Sam Ash, Guitar center, VOX, Dean Markley, Earthquaker Devices, Source Audio, Fender, Sabian, Blackstar, Souldier


Peoria AZ

The Heartstrings Band (OSBI’S advanced band class) played at NAMM last year representing Special Needs Music Education at NAMM. The Heartstrings Band is comprised of individuals with Intellectual learning disabilities. They all go to the One Step Beyond Music program which has helped them discover an outlet for their true talent and passion for music. They are NOT alone. One Step Beyond has locations in Glendale AZ, Surprise AZ, and San Francisco CA that all have large growing music programs for individuals with learning disability. Right after NAMM last January, The Heartstrings band traveled to LA to record the band’s first record with legendary producer Sean Beavan (NIN, Guns n Roses, Manson, No Doubt, and many others). He is a friend of mine, and did this record because he truly loves the band, and believes wholeheartedly in Special Needs Music Education, and it was a great experience! We have been very fortunate in the last three years to have such endorsements as Orange Amps, Fender, KORG, Ludwig, and many others. We would love to be involved with the NAMM show once again to represent Special Needs Music Education.