Performance Info


Friday, January 25, 2019 — 8:00 pm to 8:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Jordan Slone
Jack McCoy
Logan Mohler


St. Louis, MO

Hounds is an alternative, indie rock group based in St. Louis, Missouri. Known for intricate harmonies and psychedelic tendencies, Hounds is the product of songwriter Jordan Slone (vocals/guitar), Jack McCoy (bass/vocals) and Logan Mohler (drums/vocals). Their new self titled album "Hounds" shows a new level of vulnerability that hasn’t yet been reached in the music they have created in the past. They have developed real, strongly upheld convictions about how they wanted to pursue their music. Depth within an individual track and textures that they hadn’t had a chance to explore before. The sounds, the songs, the structure, all these things were hand picked by the band and it’s members. Serving as the album's producers, Hounds were afforded the opportunity to take a very bold, albeit throwback, approach to recording: They recorded this album live. They recorded all the parts together, in one room, with no click track. There was no room for mistakes within a take because the amount of exposure on every take was very real. This pushed them to be their absolute best selves in the studio. No auto-tuning meant that we had to be real singers. No punching in on tracks meant that we had to get it right all the way through a song. We hope you enjoy 3 songs from their current album. You can also visit to learn more.