Performance Info


Saturday, January 26, 2019 — 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Vocals and Lead Guitar
Josh Logan
Vocals and Guitar
Olivia Henken
Bass and Backup Vocals
Keith Lewis
Simon Adammson
Endorsed By:
Tim Moyer, Taylor, Rainsong, Keith's Music House


Louisville, Kentucky

JoLivia is a new band that has a very interesting backstory! Josh and Olivia, both met on season five of NBC's "The Voice" in 2013. They found themselves on Team Christina Aguilera and were inseparable. After the show concluded, and after multiple visits to one another's hometowns, Josh left New England on a whim and headed down south to be with Olivia. Fast forward five years and the couple are now married and have united musically to perform nationally. Most recently JoLivia has recorded a new single with writer, Mark Ciani, and Grammy award winning producer, Fernando Lodeiro. The sound that JoLivia is gravitating towards is an interesting blend of Rock, Country, Blues, and Soul music. While still in it's infancy, this band has potential to make incredible music and are hungry to perform to new audiences.