Demo Times:
Thursday, January 24 - 12:20 pm
Friday, January 25 - 1:20 pm
Saturday, January 26 - 4 pm
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Compact System: MFLA 

The MFLA Powered Line Array is characterized by extremely high output, low distortion, wide coverage, simple setup and very long-throw performance. A 3,000-watt RMS amplifier supplies the MFLA with very high SPL capabilities and plenty of dynamic headroom. Low current draw and light weight relative to their output capacity means intense sound with less power and fewer boxes. 

Electrical power is converted into acoustical energy by a pair of 12-inch neodymium woofers with 3.5-inch voice coils, and a pair of 1.4-inch-throat neodymium compression drivers. The system incorporates proprietary technology to create isophasic midrange radiation with coherent vertical coupling between elements for a longer throw while also providing wider horizontal dispersion from the woofers. Accompanying subwoofers at the Loudspeaker System Showcase include the VS21 (single 21-inch) and the ZV28 (dual 18-inch), both with onboard class D amplification.

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Portable System: DV12

The DV12 Powered MicroMain single 12-inch loudspeaker delivers high-fidelity full-range music reproduction, excellent speech intelligibility, extremely wide dispersion and even sound projection over distance. Providing 120-degree horizontal dispersion, it has the ability to fill many venues without the need for a subwoofer; in Satellite Mode, when the DV12 is paired with a BASSBOSS sub, its 3,000-watt RMS amplifier provides even higher output levels in the mid- and high-frequency ranges.

The DV12 was designed specifically to operate in pole-mounted positions up to 8’ above floor level. This makes it ideal for use in ballrooms or conference rooms that demand very wide and deep coverage from a minimum of loudspeakers. The Invertible Array feature delivers coherent summing of two arrayed boxes, allowing output to be scaled up significantly without compromising sound quality or coverage. The accompanying SSP118-MKII Powered Sub at the Loudspeaker System Showcase is a vented, direct-radiating single 18-inch design. 

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