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Magnolia Boulevard

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 — 10:00 pm to 10:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Ryan Allen
Todd Copeland
Gregg Erwin
Maggie Noelle
John Roberts
Endorsed By:
PRS Guitars, VVT Amps, WB Gear

Magnolia Boulevard

Lexington, Kentucky

Magnolia Boulevard is a five piece band built in Lexington, Kentucky. With a variety of musical backgrounds, the group has come together seamlessly on a common sound: balancing the line between blues, funk and rock n’ roll, this group has their own unique story to tell: featuring Ryan Allen (keys), Todd Copeland (drums), Gregg Erwin (guitar), Maggie Noelle (vocals/acoustic guitar) and John Roberts (bass). --- 2018 Lexington Music Awards “Best Rock Band” Winner 2018 FloydFest “On the Rise” Winner --- “Great band. So much fun to watch and listen to! I love who they are and who they will become.” -Paul Reed Smith “Magnolia Boulevard is soul driving, hip shaking, rock n roll at its best.” - Shaker Steps Productions “Magnolia Boulevard has lit the Bluegrass on fire this past year, harnessing a blend of southern rock, psychedelia and blues more frequently associated with the deep south than with the local scene here in Kentucky. Authenticity is the name of the game, though, when you're playing the blues, and the guitar work of Gregg Erwin is the absolute truth. Add to that a fiery young vocalist, garnering whispered comparisons to Janis and Susan, and a tight af backline of skilled veteran musicians, and you have a band blowing up before their first EP even hits the shelf.” -Moonshiner’s Ball “*WARNING: If you don’t like to have a good time, you’re gonna hate Magnolia Boulevard. I haven’t seen that many asses moving since I passed a farm full of burrows.*” “As someone who has seen well over 1000 bands in my lifetime, I want to make a bold statement, the musicians in Magnolia Boulevard could outplay 90% of the bands that I’ve seen. It would be a higher percentage, but I’ve seen a lot of technical musicians. As for being soulful, I’d put them in my top 10, but it’s hard to move up that list because it includes folks like Anderson East, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Stapleton and Rival Sons.” - Capture Kentucky