Performance Info

Rogue Theory Band

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 — 7:00 pm to 7:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Lead Vocals/Electric Violin
Harry Bayron
Johnny Frasca
Bass Guitar/BGVs
Johnny Hayes
Preston Cleckley
Ransom Miller
Jose Miranda
Endorsed By:
Michael Tobias Design, Tecamp USA, La Bella Strings, Future Sonics, Bartolini Pickups, JHS Pedals, Source Audio

Rogue Theory Band


There something inside all of us that wants to break from the standard, something that drives some to take a leap, a risk that will determine who we are, how we will define ourselves and who we will become: it's time to go Rogue. We are Rogue Theory Band; a collective of unique backgrounds, and interests that blend to express the common purpose of providing energy and movement through good entertainment. With plenty of tour experience Rogue Theory Band has quickly become a household name throughout the South Florida live music circuit. A young, professional, focused approach to the sound they build on stage truly does come from a strong music education background and experience. Rogue Theory love of composition and creation has also opened the door to a diverse form of Original Music. This deviation from standard or Rogue approach has been summed up in a word by many. . . Refreshing.