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Steven Dunn

Thursday, January 24, 2019 — 11:00 pm to 11:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Lead Vocals/ Guitar / Keys
Steven Dunn
Ben Handel
Lead Guitar
Blake Miller
Amos Burch
Fiddle / Keys
Bri Murphy
Endorsed By:
Breedlove Guitars, Heritage Guitars, Stringjoy Guitar Strings, Bandlab Technologies

Steven Dunn

Nashville, TN

With "Intimate and intricate..." music, Steven Dunn solidified himself as a "Fixture around Indiana University's indie rock scene" early on in his career. Moving from his home state to Nashville, Steven has been featured on radio, television, and live performances across the United States and Europe; embarking on his first international tour in the Autumn of 2017. Following his debut album, Indianola, Dunn tracked a four part record series inspired by the legendary Johnny Cash. With "soulful lyrics" and “raw, haunting vocals”, Dunn’s music finds a resting place somewhere between the intersection of Rock, Blues, and Americana. Steven’s series to be released quarterly in 2018 has a pointed realism that focuses on the fleeting lives we lead and our inability to rationalize faith, love, and death. “In the digital age of recording, where independent music is ubiquitous—and it seems anyone can make a record—it’s hard to find artists who stand out, touch the soul, and make you want to listen to their songs over and over again.” Through his honest sound, that appears lost amongst today’s mainstream music, “…Dunn reminds us that such a reality is still possible."