Exhibitor News

Clair Brothers
2:00pm Astro Spatial Audio & Clair Brothers present full 3D audio demonstration on over 30 speakers. Room 17200 — ACC North Level 200
The Sessions: Enrich-Educate-Empower, Inc.
Business tips from legendary musicians, for an empowering 2 hours!   Details for The Sessions with Steve Vai & Vinnie Colaiuta
Verbos Electronics GmbH
The Mini Horse from Verbos Electronics GmbH is a multi-dimentional touch activated voltage controller.
Verbos Electronics GmbH
The Control Voltage Processor from Verbos Electronics GmbH is a suite of control voltage processing possibilities divided into 3 sections in a slim 18HP package.
Muso Mirror
All you need is the Muso Mirro to help put the Mojo into your music practice. Get your music Mojo by using the Muso Mirror to help you play!
How much do you value for your play and musical expression as an analog guitarist? Have'nt you experienced or suffered from giving up when you want to reconfigure the cumbersome pedalboard? Here is the solution for...
Bose Professional
Bose Professional is exhibiting its acclaimed S1 Pro multi-position PA system — the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system, and the latest addition to the Bose portable...
Bose Professional
Bose Professional is exhibiting the latest additions to its ToneMatch audio engine series: the powerful eight-channel T8S ToneMatch mixer and four-channel T4S ToneMatch mixer, representing the next generation of the...
Bose Professional
Bose Professional is showcasing ShowMatch System Solutions, including tools to support its acclaimed ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers, and will also be participating in the Line Array Loudspeaker System Academy...
Bose Professional
This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Bose L1 portable line array system. Debuting in 2003, back when conventional powered loudspeakers were the only options available for small stages, this first-of-its-kind PA...