About K-array USA

K-array USA

At the end of 2018, K-array launched a new branch, K-array USA. The facilitiy, located in the greater Boston area, provides us with the control to directly oversee operations of the sales, marketing and service of our unique audio solutions in the US. The new operation is headed by K-array Global Business Development Director, Rusty Waite who works alongside manufacturer representatives like SG Western (California, Nevada, Arizona), Marketing Concepts (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi), Audio Associates (New York City, New Jersey) and Jack Argon Marketing and Sales Inc (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, El Paso) to grow the brand in the market. “It is the right time for us in regards to the company’s growth to invest more of our resources into the expansion of K-array in the United States,” explains Waite of the structural update and distribution change. “It increases our accessibility and provides us with the opportunity to build stronger relationships with US customers, which is crucial for long-term success in the US.”