Backpack-sized Jammy Guitar launches online sales

Jammy Guitar

Having shipped its modular digital guitar to Indiegogo backers, Jammy Instruments is to launch online sales of Jammy on July 18th, 2019. Jammy Guitar has raised more than 260.000 USD during the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and received Best In Show award at the Summer NAMM 2018 — the world’s largest music trade event. What makes Jammy guitar special, is its detachable neck and frame that allow for super-portability. Jammy can be played on vacation, business trip, at the office, or even during a ride in a cab — at only 17” inches long when disassembled, it fits into any backpack and complies with airlines carry-on regulations. Despite being this close-packed, Jammy has a 15-fret steel-string neck which exceeds the competition and is more than suitable for a weekend guitarist or a bedroom producer.   Jammy Guitar can be played straight out-of-the-box — it is always tuned and the sound is generated entirely on board. It has a ¼ and a ⅛ audio jack outputs allowing to plug it into an amp or use with the regular earbuds. A USB-C socket is used to connect Jammy to a computer when using it as a stringed MIDI controller with digital audio workstations like Ableton Live or GarageBand. Although totally autonomous, Jammy has a companion mobile app for iOS and Android that lets the user switch among different acoustic and electric guitar sounds, combine FX pedals, use a metronome, change guitar tunings in a single tap, and jam to backing tracks in different genres.  Jammy Guitar with a detachable frame, soft case, strap, strap buttons, screwdriver, hex key, and a set of picks is available at the company’s website and Amazon for 499 USD. The product’s Instagram and Youtube channel are constantly updated.  Media Kit is available here