CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. to Exhibit Voidol VST®︎ Plugin Prototype

Crimson Technology, Inc.

Voidol - Powered by R.C.voice is an application software of AI real-time voice conversion which changes your voice into the other character’s voice on real-time. The software is popular among streamers using virtual avatar and won #1 in the paid application category of the Mac App Store and in the PC software of Amazon Japan.


This time, we have developed VST Plugin of Voidol so that it can be used on DAW software.

The VST will make possible to use Voidol for music production, such as turning human singing voice into the other character’s voice.


Voidol VST Plugin Prototype will be first exhibited in the world at The 2020 NAMM Show.
Please come to our booth and try it.


*Voidol is now available only in Japan and China. At the 2020 NAMM Show, we are also looking for an agency to sell Voidol in the other country.


About Voidol and R.C.voice

To convert voice into a specific character’s voice, Voidol uses R.C.voice technology developed by CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. and Prof. Toda Tomoaki at Nagoya University. R.C.voice consists of Voice Learning System and Voice Conversion System.

Voice Learning System analyses the characteristics and timing from parallel data including character’s voice and original speaker’s voice, and builds voice conversion model by machine learning. Based on the voice conversion model, Voice Conversion System makes filter to the speaker’s voice, and changes the voice into the other character's voice. The latency is less than 100 ms (almost real-time).


iOS application of R.C.voice was released as “R.C.voice: Jurassic version” and has been downloaded over 60,000 times.

R.C.voice: Jurassic version is available on Apple’s App Store worldwide.



About R.C.voice SDK

We can supply R.C.voice as SDK which can be incorporated in applications, games and SNS. This SDK will be supplied as Static library (.lib) for Windows / macOS / LINUX / iOS. If you are interested in R.C.voice, we can also make new voice conversion models for your trial. Please contact us about the details.