Flight expands its Travel series

Flight ukulele

Flight travel ukuleles are well-known in the ukulele world and have been praised by various ukulele reviewers. These instruments are known for their great sound, their ability to withstand a host of challenging environments, and for their quality and playability. They are also known for their great value as they fall into the price category of many entry level ukuleles. With their rounded thermo-moulded plastic body and neck and linden wood top, these instruments challenge the sound quality and playing experience of many intermediate ukulele models that cost significantly more.


These soprano sized travel ukuleles have proven so popular that Flight has now released a long neck soprano version of the instrument, which offers increased spacing on the fretboard while maintaining the percussive tone and punch of the original soprano model. The soprano long neck will be available in four designs: solid black (TUSL35-Black) , dark blue (TUSL35-Dark Blue), surf print (TUSL25-Surf), and salamander sound-hole walnut wood top (TUSL50-Salamander). Models are priced at $54.99)