The Freewheelers Cello Blues: Thurs. and Fri. at 11:00 AM and Sat. at 3:00 PM

Newbasstone, Inc.

The Freewheelers Cello Band is a unique band which features the cello, playing blues, rock, and originals. They bring the cello into all the musical roads they travel.   In March, of 2007 Ilene McHolland and Bas Vossen started the Freewheelers Cello Band after Bas suggested that the cello would be a great instrument in a blues setting. They introduced the concept at a festival in Hoogkarspel, the Netherlands, to a well received audience of about 150 people. They continued with the idea and started playing local jam sessions to develop this new sound.   In May 2008 they decided to take the concept on the road, and ended up in Alicante, Spain, where they were able to develop this idea of having a cello in a blues setting There they played with Jaime Norambuena,(Jaime Norambuena Rock Band),Oscar Soler(Supersonics), Jose Manuel Rives (Funksynation) on guitar, and Nelson DeLeon playing drums.   Various relocations and consequent line-ups were necessary, so that currently, the band core simply are Ilene and Bas, with added musicians when needed.   The combination of Ilene’s sultry vocals, and electric cello blues makes the FREEWHEELERS CELLO BAND the most unique blues band in the world.   Awards   Sacblues 2009 audience award, 2009 and 2012 Alacannabis fest, 2015 25th Reus Blues Festival, 2016 Top Ephemerisle musicians, Woodland Hippiefest, 2018 Covestock, Riverfest. Best Christmas-tree-lot-band ever. Heroes of Mook.