High-end electric bowed instruments, conceived by a musician, for musicans


At Urbanstrings we conceive, design and manufacture electric violins, violas and cellos inspired by the strength, flexibility and warmth of wood, capturing its essence and vibrating performance in a minimal design, with aesthetics in agreement with harmonic geometry. Our passion and dedication is driven by the needs of musicians, and we work to provide each performer, whether begginer or professional, with a quality tool, inviting to play and grow, both technically and creatively, bringing to life the widest range of possibilities. We believe the quality of the amplified sound and the materials used should never be relegated, no matter the budget, and that's why our different lines of instruments, respond to this philosophy, presenting different designs and applications, but ONE and only ONE pick-up system for every one of our instruments, providing an outstanding performace in every case. Come visit us at booth #8651 to check all our models and their performance at all different circumstances a musician can face during his/her career. 


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