Josephson Engineering Introduces New Studio Mic; body fabricated by Latch Lake

Josephson Engineering

News Release
January 16, 2020

Kelly Kay
Josephson Engineering

Josh Keech
Latch Lake Music Products

Josephson Engineering x Latch Lake: Josephson Introduces New Studio Mic with body fabricated by Latch Lake

Josephson Engineering (established in 1988) and Latch Lake (established in 1992) start the new year with the new Josephson Engineering C705 studio microphone, with a large single-diaphragm condenser microphone capsule used in the acclaimed C715 mic, cardioid only pattern, and a high output transformerless discrete circuit taken from the other Series Seven mics. Housing parts (aside from screens) are made by Latch Lake Music Products in Eagan, Minnesota using the same production line and metal finish as their well-known micKing® stands. The remainder of the microphone is made in USA at Josephson Engineering’s factory in Santa Cruz, California.

One of the big challenges with a new microphone is producing a robust housing with minimal acoustic impact, that will last for decades and still look great. For the new C705, Josephson is using an all steel housing, case-hardened using ferritic nitrocarburizing for a rugged grey-black finish often used for truck drivetrain parts and firearms. The housing parts are precision made by Latch Lake Music of Eagan, Minnesota, where this process was perfected for microphone stands known for their high level of quality and durability.

The C705 will be released at $2,550 MAP, representing a new value level in top-quality large diaphragm condenser mics.

The C705 is on display in the Josephson Engineering booth (#15523, ACC North level 1)

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