K-array Introduces RAIL

K-array USA

K-array has combined its innovative audio with high-end lighting technology in the form of the Rail, a 1.2-meter line of warm, homogeneous linear LED lights with full-range cone drivers. And to adapt to a variety of needs, the line comes with a host of combinations to coverage a wide range of applications. The Rail line provides a selection of different direct light distribution: Symmetric, to spread the light equally in all directions; Asymmetrical, where the light is directed sideways to one side of the vertical plane; Mini Spot, which creates a fixed spotlight; and Electrified Track, where magnetic spotlights are adjustable to point in the desired direction. There is also the possibility to add indirect lighting to the top of the unit of the abovementioned models for complete lighting coverage. All Rail options come with 3 sets of 1 x 5” glass fiber audio transducers made for maximum excursion. The full-range speakers mean that there is no need for subwoofers especially for background music in small rooms.