New Vater Drumstick Artists

Vater Percussion Inc.

Vater has welcomed several new artists into the Vater Drumstick Family recently, including:   GLEN SOBEL – Alice Cooper / Hollywood Vampires TUCKER RULE - Thursday/Frank Iero and the Future Violents  DANA LAMARCA  - Maggie Rogers CALEB CROSBY -  Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown DANI MARKHAM - Childish Gambino  KRISTEN KLEHR - Scrap Arts Music/Educator ANDREW MARSHALL - Billie Eilish  ANNA HAYES – Vagrants  JORDAN WEST – Grace Potter  QUINN HILL – Ashley McBryde  JON HELLWIG - Foxing  JOSH HEFFERNAN – Dustbowl Revival  ANTHONY SONETTI - Badflower  JESS HANEY - Rainbow Kitten Surprise  COREY RAYMOND - Arrested Development  CHRISTOPHER OLIVAS - Berlin  EDDIE ANDRADE - Skeletal Remains  DERRICK CABRAL - The Elovaters  NICHOLAS ASTA - The Elovaters  JIMMY MACBRIDE – Independent  DECKER - Stitched Up Heart  COLIN JALBERT - Kat Wright/Amos Lee  DAN PUGACH - Independent  CHASE DODDS - Cale Dodds  STEVE LYMAN -  Independent/Educator RAINS WALL - Ryan Griffin  SANAH KADOURA - Independent TODD COPELAND - Magnolia Boulevard  CLELLAN HYATT - Emily Wolfe / Otis The Destroyer  AMELIA NICHOLSON - Independent  BILLY ORRICO - Angel  CAT BURGLAR – Mac Sabbath