Powerful Reporting

SkuVault, Inc.

Generating useful reports is crucial to the success of your business. SkuVault’s reporting and analytics features provide the information you need to see what is happening in your warehouse.

SkuVault makes ordering as easy as a click of a button with our powerful star player - The Replenishment Report. This report allows your team to generate a detailed report to inform you of inventory levels. You'll have instant access to help you make smarter and faster purchasing decisions. This report utilizes three report types: reorder, replenish and assembly in various methods such as sales, forecasting, reorder point, and minimum/maximum order quantity. Whether your're selling online or off, your sales history from each channel is funneled into one single report. You'll have the inventory on hand when you need it.

Some examples of SkuVault's additional advances reporting suite include:

  • Just In Time (JIT)
  • Drop Shipping
  • Re-Ordering
  • Out-of-Stock
  • Weeks-on-Hand
  • Turn Rate
  • Purchasing
  • Forecasting
  • Purchase Orders
  • User Accountability
  • Assembly and Print-to-Order
  • Order/Receiving Discrepancy
  • Supplier Reporting
  • Efficiency
  • Class/Brand