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As a musician you often find yourself in an environment with loud music. Consequently, you have an almost four times higher risk of suffering hearing damage. Permanent hearing loss or ringing in the ears can occur within minutes. Using hearing protection is, therefore, essential during rehearsals, performances and concerts. But you’re probably thinking ‘Those foam and wax earplugs block out all the music!’. Rest assured that’s no longer the case with revolutionary music filter earplugs! We’ll tell you all about it.

Let’s start with the basic question “How loud is too loud?’. You’ll be surprised about the numbers. A noisy environment of only 80 dB - comparable to traffic noise - can become harmful after eight hours. But the tricky thing is, this time is cut in half with each 3 dB increase. This means you risk hearing damage at any average gig within minutes! The scary thing about hearing damage is that you will only notice it once it’s too late. No wonder approximately 30% of the world's population develops Tinnitus - a permanent buzz or ring in your ears without the sound actually being there - somewhere in his or her life. The number one cause is over-exposure to loud music. Globally, one billion people between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of permanent hearing loss due to exposure to recreational sounds*. You’re probably familiar with that mute sound or high beep after a gig. That’s the first symptom of hearing loss. Hopefully it went away, but one day, it may not. This has quite an impact, as drummer Paul Much of 23 tells us in this video.

Earplugs with special music filters
Nevertheless, many musicians do not use hearing protection. Perhaps because of the fear that you won’t hear your music anymore or just because you think they aren’t comfortable? No need! Alpine Hearing Protection has developed a complete range of hearing protection for musicians with special acoustic music filters that protect your hearing while preserving the music. There are different types and levels of attenuation available, allowing you to choose the right one for your music. Not only can you perfectly hear the music, you can also still have conversations with the people around you. What’s more, these revolutionary earplugs also enable you to enjoy the music more comfortably, without any music-induced fatigue or earaches. Unlike competitors, Alpine earplugs are made out of soft, silicone-free, thermoplastic material, which adapts to the shape of your ears with your body heat and can be used over 100 times! So you can barely see or feel them. What’s more, the unique model and music filters are designed and produced by Alpine in the Netherlands.

RENEWED! Alpine MusicSafe
he Alpine MusicSafe has been used by musicians around the globe for many years. A brand new version of these successful high-fidelity filter earplugs - specially developed for musicians and DJs - will be available spring 2020. The design of the renewed Alpine MusicSafe filters now offers an even more true-to-life music attenuation. The Alpine MusicSafe comes with two different filter sets, offering a medium and high attenuation level (up to 31,4 dB) so you can choose the right attenuation for your type of instrument and personal preferences. The earplugs are extremely comfortable thanks to the unique model and soft silicone-free material. They are also transparent - making them barely visible - and come with a practical storage case. The Alpine MusicSafe will be available among others via, USA distributor Hal Leonard and many premium music stores around the world.

With Alpine’s range of qualitative hearing protection, there is just no reason left not to wear hearing protection. So keep on making beautiful music for many more years, and protect your hearing!



About Alpine Hearing Protection
Alpine has over 25 years of experience and is a leading company in the area of hearing protection. Alpine is one of the few manufacturers that has always had hearing protection as its core business. The company’s objective is to make high quality hearing protection as accessible as possible, and it is committed to raising awareness around hearing damage. Alpine filter earplugs’ unique model, material and filters are designed and produced by Alpine in the Netherlands and have come out as winner in various reviews. They are sold across the globe in more than 60 countries and the company is continuously working on the further development and expansion of its product range. All Alpine products are officially tested by independent test bodies and have the ANSI and CE marking. Alpine offers hearing protection for motorcyclists, musicians, children, travellers, water sports enthusiasts, the nightlife crowd and people with sleeping problems.

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*Source: World Health Organisation