Rick Toone Custom Design for NAMM

NSF Controls Ltd

Created especially for the NAMM Show by legendary Designer and Luthier Rick Toone. The 8 String Little Angle Wing guitar is a stunning creation featuring the Free-Way 6 position blade switch.


The guitar takes inspiration from the Angle Wing Butterfly an expert in biomimicry, adapted to camouflage themselves against dead leaves in the North American forest.


This striking carbon fibre guitar demonstrates the tonal capabilities achievable with the Free-Way 6 position Blade switch, it also features:


DiMarzio Pickups


Swamp Ash Body


Element™ single billet machined aircraft aluminum neck.


Intonation Cantilever™ patented solo tuner-bridges machined from stainless steel and bearing bronze.


The Little Angle Wing is being showcased on NSF Controls Booth 2726 - Hall E alongside the entire range of Free-Way products.




Designed and built by Rick Toone | Luthier, LLC.