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Designed by Alasdair Bryce and manufactured in England by NSF Controls the Free-Way Switch enhances the tonal possibilities of an electric guitar, whilst maintaining its classic look and familiar switching feel.

The Free-Way Switch range has expanded through development and research into 5 basic switch types:

3x3-03 Original 6 position toggle switch

3x3- 05 Ultra 6 position toggle switch

3x3-07 Easy Fit 6 position toggle switch

3B3 Blade Switch – 6 position

5B5 Blade Switch – 10 position

Our switches can be modified, where volume permits, to create bespoke PCB arrangements to accommodate specific pickup configurations. Examples of our modifications include the ''JJ Custom Works Edition'' 6 position toggle switch designed for JJ Guitars, and the custom 5B5 blade switches for the ''Fishman Fluence'' pickups.

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