Vater Introduces Taku Hirano Katana Drumstick Design

Vater Percussion Inc.

Vater teams with Taku Hirano for “Katana” stick design   Vater has worked closely with world-class musician Taku Hirano, currently touring the world with Fleetwood Mac, on a unique multi-purpose stick design, which Taku has dubbed “Katana”.  

The Katana is a multi-functional 16” long hickory stick that can be used in a multitude of ways due to its unique features. It tapers down to a 3/8" tip allowing for crisp rimshots on timbales, and delicate articulation on percussion instruments. The tapered shoulder allows for a standard stick-feel and the durability of a thicker stick.   The grip area of the stick (.585” diameter) is a gum rubber handle which is recessed in the wood for enhanced grip and articulation. With the stick inverted, the rubber sleeve can also be used in the place of mallets for smooth suspended cymbal rolls or for striking percussion instruments with a soft attack. The butt end of the stick has a fixed medium/soft plastic end cap for use on a variety of percussion instruments. (i.e.- woodblocks, mounted tambourines). The middle of the end cap includes a steel rivet on the end cap, for metal effects such as cymbal scrapes.

 “I designed my signature Katana multi-percussion stick with adaptability and accuracy in mind. Historically, the katana was the primary weapon of Japanese samurai warriors, known not only for precision, durability and effectiveness, but also holding a sense of honor. The Katana is my weapon of choice.” – Taku Hirano

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