Worlds Smallest 3 amp Power Supply

Mission Engineering Inc

About the size of an AA battery, the Mission 529m utilizes the latest USB Power Delivery features to provide up to 3000mA of power for effects pedals. With switch selectable 9,12 and 18V, the 529m can power high current multi effects and modelers.

At the 2020 Winter NAMM show Mission Engineering will demonstrated the Mission 529m pedal board power converter. About the size of a AA battery the 529m provides quiet, stable power for large analog pedal boards, digital multi-effects units, modeling devices or other complex loads from a single USB C PD source such as a wall charger or USB battery pack.

"The 529m is the Swiss Army Knife of power supplies" said Mission's James Lebihan. "When you don't need isolation, it can power 30 pedals or more from a single outlet, or battery pack. The 3000mA capacity powers devices that other power supplies cannot such as digital multi effects and modelers. You can also use it alongside an existing power supply. The selectable voltage capability lets you power difficult loads such as tube powered pedals, mixers, or even small amplifiers."

You can see the Mission 529m at Winter NAMM 2020 booth# 4453.