Beware of Hotel Poachers for The 2020 NAMM Show

Attendees of The 2020 NAMM Show may be approached by “hotel poachers” or “room poachers," which are individuals or companies falsely claiming to be NAMM's official housing provider. 

In a typical scenario, these companies will contact attendees by email or phone telling them that they are an official or affiliated housing provider, urging attendees to book immediately with discounted rates and warn that hotel rooms are quickly selling out. Attendees might book through these companies because they appear to offer a good value, but soon enough, they will find out that these deals are usually a scam. Booking through any third-party company other than NAMM's official housing provider, EventSphere, can lead to losing your full deposit or reservation. Look for the official NAMM seal on their communications to know you are corresponding directly with our valued partner.

We urge all our attendees for The 2020 NAMM Show to be cautious of these hotel poachers as they can be a financial risk to you and your company. We recommend that attendees only use EventSphere, which offers the best pricing and many benefits to our attendees including: 

  • Discounted Rates for Guests—an average of 36% less than if booking through the hotel directly or another channel
  • Flexible Cancellation Policies
  • Exclusive Promotions and Perks
  • Discounted Rates on Upgrades
  • Reservation Relocation Protection

Should you be contacted by someone other than EventSphere, please let us know by emailing

We also suggest you to opt-out of any hotel message not sent from EventSphere as soon as possible.