Fighting for Our Member Community

NAMM membership empowers positive change worldwide.

In 1901, our industry came together and built a community. To this day, the legacy endures, maintained by our members, for our members with joint dedication and support. As your trade association, NAMM has since grown to include a global membership base, which has helped to unite the industry and make the world a little smaller in the process.

While there are many tangible and actionable benefits of NAMM membership, I believe our sense of community and global impact is what makes NAMM stand apart. Over the years, I have gotten to know each type of member, their creativity, their struggles and stories of success. Throughout the process of serving these members, I have been inspired by the passion, loyalty and commitment each member has towards NAMM and this exciting industry. There’s a reason why we work in the sector that we do. We truly love it.

As we look ahead to an uncertain economic future, your trade association is determined to continue to fight for our shared interests on the international stage. Emboldened by hard-fought, CITES’ musical instrument exemptions, our NAMM Public Affairs and Government Relations team is redoubling efforts to advocate for our industry’s interests. We encourage all members to stay updated and engaged on our Issues & Advocacy portal.

Trust that through good and bad business times, NAMM is consistent and steady, providing a stable community for members to come together, learn and advocate. And, in the face of any challenge, we are stronger together, as a global community.


Causby Challacombe

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