Stay Healthy and Safe at the Show

As we approach our industry's annual reunion, our top priority is health and safety. Please take a moment to review these resources and familiarize yourself with our guidelines.

Before the Show:

  • Download the free NAMM Shows app to receive mobile alerts and updates from NAMM.
  • Check the weather to pack appropriate clothes and travel necessities.
  • Review sites like these with tips for staying healthy during travel:
  • Identify transportation options, parking lots and registration locations ahead of time.
  • For all appointments, plan ample time to travel from hall to hall. View show map.
  • Establish an on-site and off-site meeting place for your staff ahead of time in the event an emergency occurs.
  • Establish a company calling/text plan for effective communication for both staff on and offsite. Consider having a contact located in another state who can act as a point person, in case of an emergency.
  • Review the Show Information & Policies as they are in place for your safety and to ensure a positive experience at the show.

At The NAMM Show:

  • Allow plenty of time for badge pickup, security checks and entry into The NAMM Campus.
  • Once onsite, familiarize yourself with the show layout; locate the first aid stations (Anaheim Convention Center Lobby B, back of Hall D; Anaheim Convention Center North – Level 200).
  • Frequently wash hands and utilize hand sanitizers located throughout the Anaheim Convention Center.
  • Wear good shoes, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.
  • If you see something, say something: Find NAMM staff or security staff if possible or call 714-765-8975 to report anything suspicious. Be prepared to answer: who or what you saw; when you saw it; where it occurred; and why it's suspicious.
  • If you need help, let NAMM staff or security staff know immediately.
  • If you do get sick, there are plenty of remedies at CVS, which is located on the corner of Harbor and Katella, as well as the Marriott and Hilton lobby stores.
  • Be patient in crowds and have a great show!

Plan ahead so you can stay healthy and make the most of your time in Anaheim!

Badge Perimeter

Last year, we expanded the badged perimeter to include the Grand Plaza, the Arena Plaza and the Palm Courtyard. All attendees entering this expanded area and the convention center will be required to wear their badge.

With safety at the forefront, backpacks, bags, purses and other personal effects will be subject to inspection prior to entry. 

How you can help: Please pickup and wear your badge before entering the areas surrounding the Anaheim Convention Center. Have your government-issued ID ready, when arriving from outside of the perimeter. Please keep your badge properly displayed on your body during your time at The NAMM Show. If your badge is missing, lost and/or stolen, please report it to a Badge Pickup location where a new one can be issued for a fee.

Keep Our Clubhouse Safe: See Something – Say Something

The NAMM Show’s security measures are guided by a team of experts from private, local and federal agencies that are designed to keep all attendees safe during the four days of the show. Attendees are requested to contact NAMM security staff or badged NAMM staff members to report anything suspicious.

How you can help: If you witness suspicious behavior, please do not hesitate to speak up! You can contact any NAMM Security staff member or call 714-765-8975 to speak with a security professional. Be prepared to answer: who or what you saw; when you saw it; where it occurred; and why it's suspicious.

Stay safe; stay hydrated and thoroughly fed; and enjoy The 2020 NAMM Show!