A Sincere Thank You to All Our Exhibitors

One of our great honors in serving the more than 10,000 members of NAMM has been the ability to focus on growing our industry and helping to create more music makers of all ages. We’re committed to providing platforms and education to help our members be more successful, but perhaps even more importantly, we’re also passionate about expanding our advocacy efforts, championing school music programs and building awareness of the benefits of making music for all people.

At NAMM Shows, industry gatherings and in countless conversations with the NAMM team, we’ve had the opportunity to regularly hear from our members around the world. And, through our conversations, I’ve come to understand that we’re all united in our belief that music is a force for good. As such, our industry is engaged in an incredibly simple yet powerful initiative. We call this more to start, fewer to quit (MSFQ), encouraging more people to start making their own music and then retaining these musicians throughout their lives. As the number of music makers grows, together we achieve our vision of a more musical world.

This shared purpose reminded me of a concept made popular by Jim Collins, author of the #1 bestseller Good to Great. Collins likened business success to that of a massive flywheel, gaining speed with each successive push before reaching a critical mass and becoming self-sustaining. The collective effort adds up to become more than the sum of its parts. In other words, greatness equals teamwork plus time.

It occurred to me that this metaphor is exactly like NAMM’s Circle of Benefits business model—an initiative to reinvest the proceeds from each NAMM Show back into programs, grants, scholarships and music education advocacy and therefore increasing demand for music, sound and entertainment technology products around the world.

All NAMM members contribute to this shared effort, but the momentum has to start somewhere. By exhibiting at The NAMM Show in January, our manufacturing community pushes the boundaries of innovation, jumpstarts its own success and drives the industry’s flywheel and NAMM’s Circle of Benefits model forward.

It is quite something to see the innovation and creativity of our commercial members, from raw material suppliers to component makers, to finished products. We are humbled and grateful that more than 7,000 brands exhibit at The NAMM Show each year, which in turn draws interest from tens of thousands of buyers and influencers looking for the latest products and ideas to engage their communities and customer segments.

And while we’re all experiencing the incredible energy of the NAMM Campus, the global media also turns its attention to the innovations of our exhibiting members, generating mainstream stories, blogs, podcasts and billions of media and social media impressions. Our retail members are likewise creating an incredible amount of exciting content at the show to build excitement in their channels, further driving demand in the marketplace.

All of this activity kicks off the year in a way that is simply unfathomable without the collective energy created when a global industry all gathers at one time, in one spot—a literal flywheel that would make Jim Collins proud!

And as The NAMM Show grows, we are ultimately able to invest more into music grants, advocacy, music-brain research and a diversity of programs to help bring the joys of music making to more people. As we expand the overall access to music making, our members find shared success—and the achievement of our shared vision of a more musical world.

Through NAMM’s Circle of Benefits model, millions more people around the world now have access to music and music education. So as we all look forward to an exciting 2020 NAMM Show, our members can also feel proud that, through their participation, we are achieving our collective goal of a more music world. And that is the power of an industry to change the world!

See you in Southern California,

Joe Lamond

NAMM President and CEO