Performance Info

Ciara Brooke

Saturday, January 18, 2020 — 11:00 pm to 11:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Lead Vox, Piano
Ciara Brooke
Brody Farrow
Electric Guitar
Brent Spiegel
Endorsed By:
Fast Trax Recording Studio

Ciara Brooke

Ciara Brooke is a pop singer/songwriter from Tonkawa, OK. She has been singing and performing in front of audiences since she was 4 years old, being featured on various talent competitions such as American Idol and America's Most Talented Kids. She graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO last December with a bachelor degree in Music Production. In November of 2018 she released her EP “Diva Diaries” which she wrote and produced herself. Brent Spiegel from Fast Trax Recording Studio in San Luis Obispo, CA engineered and co-produced the EP.

Ciara hopes to bring light and love into peoples' lives with her music and artistry. She wants to create music that is uplifting and positive. She has a heart for the youth of today and wants to provide them with music that they can relate with. Diva Diaries is all about being yourself and being confident in who you are. Each song on the album shows a different side of Ciara's personality, and she hopes that people get to know her a little bit better after listening to the album. Ciara wants to be a good role model to young girls and boys, encouraging them to pursue real joy and not just go along with everything the world and the culture throws at them.

Ciara's passion is music; every part of it! The songwriting, the production, and then the live shows. Every part of the journey is equally important to Ciara and she strives for excellence in each part. She hopes to expand her fan base and reach new ears and lives with her music and artistry.

As of May 2019 Ciara is now signed with Shattered Paradigm Records out of Santa Barbara, CA. She is very excited to continue moving forward with her music alongside her new team! She has new music coming out for the remainder of 2019 as well as into 2020. She's very excited about the new music, as it shows a different and fresh side to her artistry. The new singles are more mature in content and definitely have a pop-forward sound.