Performance Info

Hannah Anders

Sunday, January 19, 2020 — 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Lead Vocals
Hannah Anders
Lead Guitar
Bruce Lawrence
Rhythm Guitar
Sean Locke
Richie Rivera
Bass Guitar
Joel Friedman

Hannah Anders

With an artist like ​Hannah Anders​, you don't become a fan over time, you become a fan in a heartbeat. The powerhouse vocalist can bring an audience to its feet, while making you feel like she’s singing directly to you from the stage. ​Hannah Anders​ takes country from your grandpa’s front porch soundtrack and turns it into your daughter’s backwoods anthem— like putting fresh strings on a vintage guitar and revving a new engine in a classic car. The sweetheart-rocker stokes a slow burn with a shot of whiskey, giving country music a jumpstart that sparks a sound all its own. ​Hannah​ clinched the Los Angeles Akademia Award for Best Country/Rock Song​ with her rip-roaring anthem, ​"Turn It Up"​. This same song was also nominated by LOZ Radio for ​Song Of The Year​, and held the ​#1 spot​ through the month of April on Australia’s Power FM Station. ​Hannah​’s songwriting kudos were also recognized by the world famous Dodge Ram Truck Company​, who commissioned her to write the theme song for their newest ad campaign in Atlanta, GA. ​Hannah Anders​ has conquered crowds from coast to coast and overseas, touring the ​UK​ and ​Ireland​ as the headliner of the Rednecks and Rhinestones Festival​, in addition to sharing stages with the likes of LoCash​, ​Billy Currington​, and ​Keith Anderson​. After debuting her first full-length album ​"Good Time",​ ​Hannah Anders​ dominated as the featured performer for ​Coyote Ugly's 14th Anniversary Celebration​ in Nashville, a headliner at ​KIX Country Festival​, as well as a ​USO Artist of the Month​. Dubbed “the ultimate summer 2019 mix” by ​Taste of Country​, ​Hannah​'s current single ​"Lazy River (Remix)​" features country-rapper ​Big Smo​. Following the release, which gained global praise, Hannah Anders was hand selected to perform at Summer NAMM 2019 on Avid Technology's main stage. From ​Summerfest​, the World’s Largest Music Festival, to Music City’s ​CMA Fest​, putting on a legendary show has become second nature for ​Hannah Anders​.