Performance Info

Lucid Dream

Saturday, January 18, 2020 — 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Guitar and Vocals
Cami Robertson
Bass and Vocals
Alyson Valdez
Meena Aspeytia
Jake Richter

Lucid Dream

After a hobby veered onto a potential career path, four high schoolers with nothing but their instruments, a musician named Mark, and the passion to create music, began what is now known as Lucid Dream. The band consists of guitarist/vocalist Cami Robertson, bassist/vocalist Alyson Valdez, guitarist Meena Aspeytia, and drummer Jake Richter. None of them have ever lucid dreamed and no, this is not the Juice WRLD song. But other than that, it’s all good in the neighborhood. Inspired by the likes of Green Day and Blink-182 while also combining elements of SoCal sound, Lucid Dream aspires to create punk tracks suitable for moshing, sitting in traffic, head banging, or crying alone on your bedroom floor to.