Performance Info

Moses Lin

Saturday, January 18, 2020 — 12:00 am to 12:40 am PST

Artist Info

Acoustic Guitar
Moses Lin
Endorsed By:
Ernie Ball, G7th Capo, K&K Sound, KLOS Guitars, Arobas (Guitar-Pro),

Moses Lin

Friday, January 17th at Midnight on the NAMM Sheraton Park Stage

Moses Lin is an award-winning fingerstyle guitarist in Orange County, California, performing over 250 gigs a year at five star resorts and local venues like Disneyland in Southern California, as well as international destination weddings, celebrity weddings, and private events. His unique form of modern fingerstyle combines the complex dexterity of classical guitar with innovative percussive techniques. However, his true talent lies in his ability to meticulously craft fingerstyle arrangements where he plays melodies, syncopated bass lines, chords, and percussive rhythms simultaneously on an acoustic guitar. Moses is endorsed by Ernie Ball, G7th Capo, K&K Sound, KLOS Guitars, and Guitar-Pro.