Performance Info

Truxton Mile

Thursday, January 16, 2020 — 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm PST

Artist Info

Alec Olivieri
Taylor Unruh
Lead Vocal
Ryan Coulter
RE Atteberry
Jonathan Weinmann

Truxton Mile

It all started with a few friends, a guitar, and some wishful thinking.
Truxton Mile started out as nothing more than a good time. In its infancy, the guys saw it as just a way to play some songs they all enjoyed hearing. But the more they played together, the more they uncovered a unique style, making them want the experience to be more than just a simple pastime. With that in mind, they started "Good Question", a simple four-piece band, whose setlist consisted of originals and covers that would later label them as a "Country-Rock" band. As far as the guys were concerned, they were just playing songs they liked to listen to, and writing songs that they could all relate to, regardless of genre.
They cut their teeth in the Bakersfield/Taft music scene, playing a few shows along the California Coast, but always coming back to a warm reception from their hometown. No matter where the music let them, they always had the future in their minds. Never content with the present, but always greatful for the unfailing support of their friends and fans, the love of their families, and the tough lessons learned. Along the way, they had some great experiences, such as playing alongside some of Bakersfield's finest musicians, as well as chart-topping artists, like Lee Brice, David Nail, Joe Nichols, Eli Young Band, Little Big Town, Brothers Osborne and Craig Morgan.
After nearly 5 years of making music, "Good Question" took a trip that would prove to alter their path forever. The boys caught a plane to Nashville; the town that would change their entire perspective on music. They heard amazing bands, made great friends, and learned lessons about their craft that would last a lifetime.
After their trip to Music City, they returned home with brand-new determination, and feeling like a new band. And with a new band comes a new name. The tranformation from "Good Question" to "Truxton Mile" was made. The name, which was chosen to honor their music-rich hometown of Bakersfield, also had another message behind it. The change was meant to show how serious they are about their music, as well as their intentions to take it all the way to the top. This is their story so far, but this is just a prologue to what will undoubtedly become the story of a lifetime. A story about chasing dreams. The story of Truxton Mile.