January 16-19, 2020

Exhibit at The NAMM Show

Anaheim Convention Center • California

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Lounge 88 Showcase

Access new sales and marketing opportunities at the Lounge 88 Showcase, a collection of world-renowned piano brands, celebrating the piano's rich history and future.

Target-Rich Communities

The entire piano community will dominate Level 3 of the NAMM Campus in Lounge 88. The audience traffic will be rich with buyers that are no-doubt looking for your products. 

Vast Media Exposure

Be part of the excitement generated through the numerous public relations efforts, social media impressions and celebrity appearances as well as the presence of mainstream and industry publications.

Expanded Audience Reach 

Reach targeted and new customer segments, commanding billions in purchasing power, that want the convenience of one-stop-shopping for all of their music, sound and entertainment technology.

Piano and Keys

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"NAMM is the one outside exposure that we do each year. The key benefit is that we see dealers that we normally don’t get to see. I’d rather be in Lounge 88 than in the main hall. Dealers come here because they know this is the piano area and it’s nice to have a dedicated space that’s not as loud."

Gary Galanti

North American Music, Inc. , Stony Point, NY