Week of January 18, 2021

Nonprofit Management Institute at NAMM’s Believe in Music Week

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Providing Musical Nonprofits Resources to Grow and Succeed

A series of sessions that cover best practices, fundraising and governance and more. The program provides a certificate of completion to partner and grantee organizations, as well as to musical nonprofits that complete the series. Learn more about Believe in Music at believeinmusic.tv.


Program Details

Nonprofits, NAMM Foundation partners and grantees are invited to participate in the Nonprofit Management Institute, which offers educational opportunities to organizations. 


Attendees who attend all nonprofit sessions will receive a certificate of completion from The NAMM Foundation and their organization name listed on The NAMM Foundation website. Organizations will also receive these benefits:

  • Access to all of NAMM’s Believe in Music Week education and special events. 
  • Access to nonprofit professional development.


Educational Sessions

Nonprofit Management Institute educational sessions include governance and strategic direction, program development, fundraising and more. Listen to the audio files from the 2020 educational sessions:

2020 Edu Sessions: Audio Files 
Music Nonprofit Resource: Title IV, Why It Matters 

Certificate of Completion Requirements:

  • Attendance at all nonprofit sessions.
  • Submit an online essay describing what you learned and how it might be applied to your work. 

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