A Q&A with Yamaha About The 2022 NAMM Show

The Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage is the epicenter of the NAMM Campus, showcasing the latest in stage technology. Hear more from representatives at Yamaha to discuss the construction of the Grand Plaza Stage, the NEXO system, and how Yamaha delivered the sound of the show.

The NAMM Show is all about the crossroads of music, sound and events. Could you describe the different team members that contribute to a stage this size? How many people are part of the process from design to construction to running the show itself?

Yamaha has multiple teams working on various aspects of the stage & show, from programming to artist relations, creativity, and production. We team up with our rental & production partners like Mastermind Productions & Reach Communications. They ensure that the show's execution and deployment of the PA system articulately represent and amplify the music & performances on stage.

What is the average setup time needed for a stage of this size?

We start preparing on-site three days before the tradeshow opens, but Yamaha & NEXO equipment are optimized for speed & ease of deployment to ensure touring shows can load in & out on the same day.

What innovations make the NEXO system stand out?

When it comes to manufacturing, NEXO is wholly focused on serving the environment by adopting more sustainable and less polluting manufacturing processes and developing systems that are ever more compact, easier to transport, and less demanding to set up.

Regarding product innovations, NEXO holds numerous mechanical & electro-acoustic patents. The STM rig flown at this stage enables engineers to fly the rig faster and safer with the Red-Lock system. This system provides easy operation of all rigging pins from a single position behind the cluster. It reduces the need for engineers to walk around that cluster to connect cabinets and set angles.

The sound quality and articulate amplification of music results from patents focused on ensuring the acoustic performance of the line sources is true and phase-coherent. They do not rely on DSP to solve challenges that can be addressed acoustically in loudspeaker design. Patents on the waveguide that sum up to 20kHz and the DPD LF separator allow for “oversampling” in the LF to ensure clean, clear, and artifact-free music amplification. You can learn more about NEXO’s innovations on the blog here.

The NEXO system is used in a wide variety of venues throughout the world. Can you discuss the reasons behind it’s incredible versatility?

NEXO has been designing ground-breaking sound reinforcement solutions at its Parisian headquarters since 1979. The company’s pioneering technology, innovative designs, and sonic excellence have enhanced live events across the globe for decades, gaining the respect and trust of sound professionals everywhere.

NEXO is a strategic business unit of Yamaha Corporation, a convergence of technological expertise that facilitates full integration of speaker and amplifier control and console management of PA systems over the latest and most popular digital networking protocols.

What speakers were used on the Grand Plaza Stage?

The system on the Grand Plaza stage relied on a collection of various NEXO products to ensure every note played on Yamaha instruments reached the audience’s ears the way it was intended. The main left and right arrays were the flagship STM system, and the new P+ Series, GeoM & RS18 systems were found in supporting functions from fills to ground subs & wedges on deck.

What mixing board was used?

We partnered with Reach Communications & Mastermind Productions to provide several Rivage console systems to support the numerous back-to-back performances. Rivage PM3, PM5, PM7, and PM10 systems played various roles, from FOH to monitors and broadcast, amplifying the music the way it is meant to be heard.

What Yamaha instruments or other products were used to create the ultimate sound?

Yamaha uniquely empowers music creation and ensures that music authentically reaches the audience through the solutions to mix & amplify that music. Yamaha’s understanding of music shines through in the immaculate sonic reputation of the Yamaha Pro Audio products.  

The Yamaha Night of Worship on June 3rd, Friday at 6 PM, and the Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand on June 4th, Saturday at 6 PM, were mixed through the Rivage system and amplified by the NEXO PA system.  

How can attendees of The 2022 NAMM Show learn more? 

You can visit https://usa.yamaha.com/ for more information.