Brand Storytelling Strategies to Ignite Your Sales and Marketing

ACC, Level 1, NAMM Idea Center
In-Person & Livestream

You have great products and services that you’re eager to share with customers. But your messages will get lost in a sea of noise if you don’t have a proven communications strategy. And in this fast-moving, interactive session, you’ll find out how to use sales and marketing storytelling to make your messages land right the first time — and stick! Join marketing expert and brand storytelling strategist Park Howell, who will take the NAMM Idea Center stage after Wednesday’s NAMM Marketing Summit. He’ll share his proven ABT (And, But, Therefore) framework, which you can apply right away in all of your messaging, from social media and email marketing to advertising and branding. You’ll also walk away with one secret that will help make you a more confident, compelling and influential communicator. A must-see presentation for business owners, managers, salespeople and marketers alike.