Cutting-Edge Copyright: The Latest Technology for Tracking, Protecting and Monetizing Content

ACC, Level 2, 204C
In-Person & Livestream

Music and content creation continue to evolve in exciting ways, bringing new opportunities for artists and music companies. But as content evolves, so do the challenges that come with it, especially when it comes to copyright management. Finding and protecting content while also getting paid properly is an age-old issue that has only intensified with the explosion of digital content. Despite advancements in technology over the years, these challenges still cast shade on the otherwise bright futures of music and content creation. This panel will discuss new and innovative copyright solutions for the creator economy that are helping creators and rights holders reap all the benefits digital content provides, without the burdens of copyright protection. Join this A3E panel of pioneers and luminaries to explore the ongoing issues, as well as the latest advances and strategies, that you'll want to consider as you help shape the future of music.