Generative AI: Exponentially Impacting the Arts

ACC, Level 2, 204C
In-Person Only

On September 24, 2014, A3E opened its inaugural program in Boston with a keynote titled “AI + MI = A3E | The Future of Artificial Intelligence + Music Instruments." A3E has since covered the evolution of music and entertainment technology, and this has never been more impactful — and controversial — than in terms of what AI means to the arts and content creation. Then, in March 2021, A3E (working in a newly developed process, the A3E 3 Phase Exchange) collaborated with industry experts and the A3E communities in whole to explore and survey how content creators felt about AI — more accurately defined by A3E as artificial creativity (AC).

A3E has had its sights on the ever-evolving and ever-increasing influence of AI and AC. However, in 2023, the growing impact and disruption that AI is bringing to all facets of the music and entertainment industries is occurring even faster than anticipated. Join an amazing panel of experts to explore where this new advent of AI — including ChatGPT, Divergent AI, Generative AI and Creative AI — might be taking us, and how it will not only affect creativity in the music industry but also product development and programming skills leveraged in the creative process and A3E Digital Artistry.