Hello Mary

Hilton, Level 1, Renkus-Heinz Hilton Stage
In-Person Only


Hello Mary formed while the trio was in high school (Wave graduated in 2018 and her bandmates are finishing this month). And while “Looking Right Into The Sun” is the band’s debut for their new label, Hello Mary’s first release came by way of an album, Ginger, which was recorded and released in 2020.  Hello Mary have since followed up with 3 additional singles -  “Evicted,” “Take Something,” and “Sink In” b/w “Stinge.”  Unlike the album, they were recorded in a proper studio, and with each release the band’s fanbase has only grown more solid and widespread.  That includes drawing the attention of Frenchkiss Records who plan on dropping the band’s new album sometime early next year.  The label’s TITLE Syd Butler says, “Frenchkiss has been waiting to sign a band like Hello Mary for years. A tight sisterhood of friendship that believes in themselves individually,  as musicians, and the art that they make. Once you’ve seen them, you can't wait to see them again. Their music, while new, wraps around you like an old soul. We are so excited to be working with them"
Brooklyn-based Hello Mary have signed to esteemed indie label Frenchkiss Records. Today the trio - Helena Straight (guitar, vox), Mikaela Oppenheimer (bass), and Stella Wave (drums, vox) - have also shared a new single “Looking Right Into The Sun.” Driven by a tight and dynamic rhythm section that gives way to Straight’s crystalline and confident falsetto, the song features the band’s trademark harmonies and their ability to meld elements of 90s shoegaze with indie rock and grunge into something that is all their own. It was written in true Hello Mary fashion - a collage of different guitar parts, lyrics and rhythmic changes written by all three members. They share, “‘Looking Right Into The Sun’ plays with general themes of feeling stuck and restricted by circumstances out of one’s control. For us specifically it relates to us having to practice as a band during COVID, not being able to play shows, and being stuck in the thick of writing songs out of a need to cope.