Introduction to Managed Switches

ACC, Level 2, 210C
In-Person Only

**Requirements: **Hands-on portion requires a PC or Apple computer with a USB C port or bring your own dongle with network capabilities. (No Chromes books or Tablets.)
Intended audience: Intermediate to advanced Dante users
Prerequisite: Dante Certification Level 2, Second Edition

Level 2 will lead straight into Introduction to Managed Switch configuration. You do not need to attend to become Dante Certified Level 2. The information that is presented in Level 2 goes hand in hand with this session to help solidify your skills.

This session offers a hands-on experience, with each table having its own Cisco CBS-350 switch to configure. Using the web interface, we will establish administrative access, turn off EEE and optimize traffic using QoS and IGMP Snooping. For high-bandwidth links, a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) will be established. As time permits, we may also tackle VLANs and trunk lines.

The hands-on portion is for those who have never used a managed switch and would like a brief introduction. This is ideal for AV technicians who are taking on more responsibility with network management or whose Dante networks are growing to the point that it may be wise to engage some managed switch features.

Upon completion, attendees will have receive a primer on how to program a Managed Network Switch for a Dante Network using the Managed Switch Tutorial Guide.

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