An Introduction/Demonstration of Dante AV Ultra and Dante AV-H

ACC, Level 2, 210C
In-Person Only

Attendees with audio or video backgrounds will each get something different from this course. Those with audio backgrounds will learn video fundamentals, from basic synchronization to video compression and how Dante AV products produce broadcast quality, visually lossless images across a variety of signal types. Those with video backgrounds will appreciate seeing live demonstrations of Dante AV systems with beautiful imagery and tight synchronization and performance on simple 1 Gbps switches.

Attendees will learn the fundamental operation and specifications for Dante AV Ultra, Dante AV-H, including latency requirements, a comparison of H.264 and JPEG2000 video compression and bandwidth planning.

During the second hour of the class, attendees will be able to use a hands-on demo of a Dante Ecosystem that is using Dante AV and Dante AV-H. They will take different media signals and send them to multiple locations firsthand.

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