Jason Arcilla

Westin, Westin Lobby Stage
In-Person Only

Jason Arcilla is a proud Maui-based musician, singer-songwriter, and producer. Running the circuit here on the island, jamming nearly 7-10 times a week from brewery's, to resort-kick back lounges as well as being well-respected in the private and corporate events, this guy is no stranger to performing live and bringing the vibe. Breaking free from the “island-reggae mold” and being the founder of "Jungle Heart Records”, Jason has curated a saucy "R&B" – Reggae & Blues - which is a refreshing departure from anything Maui-typical. Arcilla blends his own poetic lyrics with unique producing methods and delivers an eclectic sound of dreamy guitar licks and suave vocals, smooth energy that can't be denied. The result is a much-needed modern Hawaii sound. Sonic waves crashing over your head, its that laid-back island elixir.

Jason has Released 3 EPs and 5 singles since 2015. Recorded three radio singles – “Music Daisy”, “Gypsy”, “Cool, Cool Car” – which has played on over 200 radio stations worldwide including Hawaii, Europe, Japan, and Jamaica. All can be listened to on any music platform.