In the Lab With Immersive Audio Master Greg Penny

ACC, Level 2, 204AB
In-Person & Livestream

Immersive audio is all the rage right now, and this is your opportunity to join music industry veteran Chandra Lynn as she goes “into the lab” and mind of one of the most prominent immersive audio professionals of all time, Greg Penny. A record producer, recording and mixing engineer, musician, songwriter and artist, Greg is best known for his moving mixes for Elton John (87 to date, including the 50th anniversary of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" in Atmos), Harry Styles, Stevie Wonder, The Weeknd, Sting, Soundgarden, Disney and many more. Just last month, Greg mixed 20 albums for major record label artists, and he and Bruce Botnick delivered eight Disney Classic Animation soundtrack albums ("The Lion King," "Hercules," "Beauty and The Beast," "Aladdin," "The Little Mermaid" and "Pocahontas"). Come explore the 3 E’s of immersive audio: ecosystem, explanations (terms, definitions and other important things you need to know) and experiences. Leading companies are “all in” when it comes to the future of immersive audio and video, and this is your chance to learn the inside track from a true authority.