Legacy Ukulele Ensemble

ACC, Plaza, Yamaha Fountain Stage
In-Person Only

The Legacy Ukulele Ensemble is a group of 22 players from across the United States and Canada, who are directed and led by internationally acclaimed ukulele teacher, Peter Luongo. The ensemble is committed to developing their music literacy and ukulele playing skills with the goal of performing and sharing their music with audiences. The group meets throughout the year (10 months of the year) in various locations across the U.S. During these 2 to 7-day sessions the members work intensively on refining and adding to their repertoire list (currently 25 pieces) and each session culminates with at least one public performance. Follow up resources (videos and supporting materials) are sent for the members to use as they rehearse between sessions and individuals rely on regular on-line support to assist them. The group's repertoire list includes Hawaiian, classical, folk, rock, and country songs, all of which are performed by memory on stage.
Past accomplishments have included multiple appearances at festivals, conferences, and performance tours. They have appeared on the main stages of the Hawaiian International Ukulele Festival on two occasions, as well as at the Reno and Palm Springs Ukulele Festivals. In 2018 and again in 2022 the ensemble participated in a 7-day performance tour to Hawaii and in 2019 they had a 7-day West Coast U.S. tour through Washington and Oregon States. They have also been showcased at the NAMM Shows in Anaheim, California in 2019, 2020, and 2022. In March 2022 the ensemble performed at the California Hotel in Las Vegas, and in November they were awarded 1st place in the ukulele division of the Kumukahi Ukulele and Hula Festival in Las Vegas.
The Legacy Ukulele Ensemble’s mandate is to model life-long learning! The members are committed to developing their music literacy and musicianship, whIle learning to play the ukulele and developing their choral singing ability. They hope to inspire adults to embrace life-long learning as they continue to evolve as musicians and performers.
In 2023 they will return to the California Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as ukulele festivals in Cleveland, Boston, Michigan, Hawaii and Los Angeles. They will also return for a 5th time to the NAMM Show in Anaheim in April.