Modern Band 101: Drums, Vocals and Bass Focus

ACC, Level 2, 213C
In-Person Only

This hands-on workshop serves as an introduction to modern band and the Music as a Second Language ® pedagogy. We will cover the core values of Music Will: how we teach music making, improvisation, and composition by getting our students into their comfort zone using student-centered instruction, approximation, and scaffolding. Participants will be introduced to the instruments of modern band and will learn basic playing skills and pedagogy for guitar, keyboard, drums, vocals, bass, and technology. Participants will also use their new musical skills to compose and perform an original song in a collaborative setting. Guitars provided by Taylor Guitars, Yamaha Corporation of America, and Adam Hall North America; Ukuleles provided by Kala Brand Music Co; Amps provided by Positive Grid; Accessories provided by Hosa Technology Inc., and Gator.