Online Sales Strategies to Overcome Buyer Reluctance

ACC, Level 1, NAMM Idea Center
In-Person & Livestream

Buying an expensive instrument sight unseen over the internet can be scary for your customers. Are you doing everything you can to eliminate their doubts? Understanding what concerns they face when making buying decisions, and addressing them up front, can lead to increased sales, fewer returns and less time answering the same questions. And in this session, Jeremy and John Chapman of The Acoustic Shoppe will reveal how their company has done this and more — and what it means to your business. The Acoustic Shoppe grew from 75 percent in-store sales in 2019 to 70 percent online in 2022, with an increase of more than 110 percent in total receipts during this period. And this was due in large part to the company’s process for receiving new inventory, posting and marketing it online, following up after the sale, packing and shipping, and offering easy returns. Discover new ideas, best practices and strategies to grow your online business today.