Playing the Part: How Top Studio Musicians Navigate the Recording Process

ACC, Level 2, 204AB
In-Person & Livestream

Achieving and maintaining success as a studio musician requires a wide range of skill sets beyond mastering the instrument. Each session calls for a unique combination of musical conversation, sound design, composition and precise execution to serve the vision of the artist and producer. In this session, the founders of the Studio Musician's Academy (SMA) will be offering a detailed breakdown of the musicians' side of the recording process for a hit song. From getting the gig to shaping their sounds and constructing their parts, the players will reveal the principles and execution of their job in the studio. SMA founders Sean Giovanni, David Dorn and Miles McPherson have decades of experience and more than 40 No. 1 songs to their credit. Come get a glimpse into the largely unseen skill set of studio musicians that make a living by helping to get songs to the top of the charts.