Preserving and Future-Proofing Your Creative Content

ACC, Level 2, 202A
In-Person Only

Whether your latest creative work was recorded on analog tape or digitally to a hard drive, preserving your recordings is paramount for future playback. Analog tape has its own problems, but we are moving into an age where basically every bit of information since the 1990s ultimately lives somewhere on hard drives. AND those hard drives will, inevitably, fail. What this means is there is a certain likelihood that some or all of our information will essentially evaporate and be lost forever. There is a real fear that we will encounter what is called a “digital black hole” of media from, say, the late 1990s through the early 2010s, when more creators became wiser and less careless about their backup regimen. This session will look at the practical and technical considerations for long-term archiving, various media storage methods, best practices and future catalog monetization.
Moderator: Sarah Jones, noted industry journalist and committee member for the Recording Academy’s standards document Delivery Recommendations for Recorded Music Projects
• George Massenburg, multi-GRAMMY Award-winning producer, engineer, educator, inventor and designer
• Chuck Ainlay, multi-GRAMMY, ACM, CMA, and TEC Award-winning producer/engineer 
• Kelly Pribble, Director of Media Recovery Technology at Iron Mountain Entertainment Services (IMES)