Reach All Learners with Developmental Ukulele and Guitar, for Ease and Success!

ACC, Level 2, 213D
In-Person Only

This hands-on training will take you through Guitars and Ukes in the Classroom’s simplified, developmentally sequenced approach to launching or leading ukulele and guitar programs. Attendees will work with GITC’s guided SmartStart Ukulele and SmartStart Guitar beginning in open tuning and transition to standard tuning. Teaching instruments through the foundations of rhythm, large and fine motor coordination, ergonomic finger positions, cross-midline neurological development, singing, and collaborative songwriting spark high student engagement and sustained success. The underpinnings of the GITC SmartStart approach are based in Orff Schulwerk, making it easy to integrate with xylophones, recorders, and percussion. Instruments will be provided.